Students on Budget

The recent provincial budget has slashed funding to the University of Alberta and Alberta’s post-secondary sector. The U of A is now struggling with a 7.2% cut to its operating budget in a year when the institution expected a promised 2% increase.

We are still learning what this will mean for students. Students are right to be concerned for the future of post-secondary education in Alberta: for classes and programs that might be canceled, for cuts to the quality of their education, and for potentially massive increases to student debt that will result if this provincial funding shortfall leads to universities riding out the budget on the backs of students.

The best way to respond right now is by learning about the budget situation and how this can impact students, and letting the University and the Provincial Government know what this means for the quality and accessibility of our education.

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Looking for Answers?

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Town Hall

Check out a video recording of the town hall that took place on SUBstage on Tuesday, March 26.