Although tuition makes up the largest component of the fees that students pay, we are also assessed additional fees each term. These fees are supposed to be directed to particular non-academic activities: they include fees for SU membership, Registration & Transcripts, U-Pass, Health Services, Student Services, and the Common Student Space, Sustainability and Services (CoSSS) fee.

The CoSSS fee was meant to be a temporary fee according to the consultation surrounding its implementation in 2009, and it was never meant to cover new services. It was in place to make sure the level of service was maintained. However, in 2012, this fee funded enhancements to BearTracks, upgrades to the wireless network, hiring of additional peace officers and professional development grants. It also covers activities that facilitate instruction, including the scheduling of classes, CCID access to eClass and safety in undergraduate labs.

Below is a visual representation of the 2012-13 University of Alberta student fees.

The non-academic fees that students pay in Alberta are higher than any other Province. Combining them with tuition makes Alberta one of the most expensive jurisdictions in the country to study in.

Town Hall

Check out a video recording of the town hall that took place on SUBstage on Tuesday, March 26.