At this point, the SU is embarking on a participative, consultative process to discuss with and engage its members on the budgetary situation at the University of Alberta. The Students’ Union’s immediate priorities include:

  • Maintaining a high quality of education for current and future University of Alberta students
  • Guaranteeing that students are highly involved in the discussion on budgetary decisions
  • Protecting valuable student services that are already funded by students through non-instructional fees
  • Ensuring undergraduate students do not face unjustified increases to fees
  • Informing the government of the negative effects of a cut of this magnitude on the student experience
  • Empowering students to advocate for those aspects of the University of Alberta experience that are most valuable to them.

Get Involved

We encourage each of you to involve yourself in this process.

Talk to your Student Faculty Association. These cuts will have different impacts throughout the institution. Faculty Associations are in a unique position to voice student concerns to Deans and Faculty Councils. The Students’ Union strongly recommends working with your Faculty Association to learn more about getting involved in these discussions. Find out how to contact your Faculty Association by clicking here.

Get involved in the Students’ Union Advocacy Team. The Students’ Union is actively demonstrating our opposition to these cuts and the impact that they will have on students. If you are interested in getting involved with the team, please contact Adam Woods, Vice-President External, at vp.external@su.ualberta.ca.

If you'd like to get in touch with the Students' Union with any other questions, comments or ideas, please email us at info@studentsonbudget.ca.

Town Hall

Check out a video recording of the town hall that took place on SUBstage on Tuesday, March 26.