Town Hall

Town Hall on the Provincial Budget and its Fallout on Students and the U of A
Brought to you by the Students' Union, The Gateway and CJSR Radio
Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The video below features the 'open-mic' portion of the town hall, moderated by The Gateway’s April Hudson and CJSR’s Matt Hirji.


On March 7th the Provincial Government announced unprecedented cuts to support for post-secondary education and a day later clarified that the University of Alberta would see a 7.2% cut to its operating grant.

It is clear that this cut will have an impact on the university’s operations and the student experience. After four consecutive years of cuts to Faculties amounting to 12%, and with tuition and fee increases in 2010, students need to be protected from a deteriorating quality of education.

The SU has a voice at the University and Government tables, but it’s critical that the budget be understood and responded to from a student perspective. The University of Alberta has indicated that it is interested in hearing discussion about the best ways to address this financial challenge, and the Provincial Government also indicated interest in hearing feedback.

This is our chance, as students, to put our concerns front and centre and submit our ideas for solutions.

How will this budget affect students? Will students face mounting debt, as certain programs face massive tuition hikes in the form of new market modifiers or new mandatory non-instructional fees? Will professors be let go, leading to a diminished educational experience at the U of A as class sizes balloon and courses are canceled?



Town Hall

Check out a video recording of the town hall that took place on SUBstage on Tuesday, March 26.